All Ecosystems Go!

From the branch? From WHAT branch? Perhaps, it was a branch in a distant forest of the Netherlands, where my surname, van der Tak, took root.  The name itself means “from the branch” and thus came the title of my blog. But who am I? An artist, a crafter, a graphic designer, a digital media specialist, a traveler, a self-proclaimed naturalist. I’m someone who dislikes using incomplete sentences and garbage grammar but will fully embrace the concept of artistic license for the purpose of this introduction.

I make my profession in the digital world and take my passion from the natural world. My natural world just so happens to include an obscene amount of Micron and Copic fineliners. Now where is this blog going? Likely wherever I go, but more so where I know. I’m a 20-something college-educated woman lucky to have a full-time job making digital art and big dreams of taking my traditional art to the next level. I hope to use this as a space to share work, get feedback, engage fellow creatives, babble semi-coherently, and chronicle my unusual life.